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No one is making the world of Crypto easier than ever with Digital Names


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Manage Your Digital Names

What Are Digital Names?

The Future Of Crypto Is Here





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Our Team

Frank Corsi

Founder & CEO

Mr Corsi has over 30 years experience in software development. He was instrumental in the development of the world wide web in the early 90’s. He served as one of the original INAIC Council members, which helped to draft many of the internet top level domain protocols. He has operated 2 of the worldwide DNS root servers from the early 90’s.

Jerome Conlon

Marketing/Branding Advisor

Jerome Conlon is former Director of Brand Planning and Marketing
Insights for Nike, Inc., Vice President of Brand Planning,
Consumer Insights & Category Development for Starbucks Coffee
Company, Senior VP of Marketing and Program Development
Research for NBC Entertainment, and has been a professor of
economics at Gonzaga University.

Sheri Smith


Sheri has been a software developer for over 20 years, working for several fortune 500 firms. Her expertise in problem-solving and developing solutions to automate the process has been her strong point. She is vastly experienced with several programming languages which include PHP, Coldfusion, and MySQL. She has been a huge asset to the company.

Solve the Uncertainty:

Making Crypto
Accessible for Everyone

Digital Names is a simple, easy way to combine all your wallets into one accessible place. Add any cryptocurrency to your digital name for no additional charge.

Buy And Sell Digital
Names With Ease

Some domains are worth millions. Digital Names does for Cryptocurrency what GoDaddy does for URL names. With your digital name, you have the potential to make thousands.

Your Address Book For Everything

Easily send money to other people without a long, complicated address. Digital Names works with Digital Wallets (Facebook, Paypal) Crypto Exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Huobi), Web Hosting Platforms (GoDaddy,, and so much more.

Digital Names Features

One Digital Name

One name for all your personal and business addresses

Send It All Effortlessly

Send funds to others with any cryptocurrency that's available on the market

Safe and Secure

With triple level security and instant transaction notifications, your safety is top priority.

Buy and Resell

One name for all your personal and business addresses

Connecting Everyone

Your private keys are never touched. We simply connect public keys so your personal info is never stored

No More Errors

Eliminate address error by claiming an easy to remember digital name

See the future first with us

Digital Names is just the beginning. When you sign up, you get placed in our early-access program for our upcoming BlendFi Pioneer Wallet, the world’s most user-friendly wallet before it launches next year!

Receive cryptocurrency between wallets

Our platform can combine your complicated personal wallet address, business wallet address, and digital signature into one easy to remember personalized name.

Major Cryptocurrencies Supported

Personal Use

Digital Names remembers
all your addresses, so you don't have to.

Business Use

One Digital Name for your business.
Very different applications for business vs individuals

Our Partners

Built by one of the original founders of the Internet, a Digital Name is here to solve the many fears and usability issues that plague the average crypto user. The days of writing down your complicated wallet address are long gone!

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