DIGITAL NAMES $19.95 /yr


User-friendly Digital Names instead of complex blockchain wallet addresses.
A Typical Wallet Address looks like this: 0x54baae98985573858f14b8faedcbe647bf0d28ed
A typical Digital Name looks like this: $RandySmith or $MyMiningGroup
One Digital Name for all supported blockchain currencies.

  Digital Address Book  

The Digital Names Address Book, will find the pubic key for any Digital Name.

A Typical Wallet Address looks like this:

A typical Digital Name looks like this:
$PeterBowen, $Storefront, $Randy or $MyMiningGroup

As interest and demand grows within the cryptocurrency community, the need for an easy to use method to send and receive these various tokens and coins is needed. Digital Names solves this exact need in the community by giving people the choice to use an easy to remember Digital Name which will translate to any given public key or wallet address supplied by the owner of the Digital Name. Within the member control panel, Digital Name owners can easily configure their name to resolve to any public key or wallet address on any crypto wallet system they choose. A Digital Name can be your real name, your nickname, any fictional name or even your store or business name.

  Upgrade Options

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Speculator Membership


$149.95 / year

For the person or group who are looking to buy digital names for resale on the secondary markets, this upgrade option is perfect. With special discounts and features this membership upgrade gives the speculator the following benefits:

  • 25% off on all credits purchased
  • Advanced transfer management
  • Set sale price for any digital name
  • Charge transfer fees to your sales
  • Speculator Branding Profile

API Developer Membership

Available subject to management approval

Priced based on the individual needs.

Application developers and existing service providers, can integrate the Digital Names into their platforms easily with our API commands and functions. We typically will design a program that will work best for the needs of the appilcation developer. The functionality of our API, already handles the most common integration and connectivity functions. We can always add special custom API functions and other integration support if needed. We do offer several options for the API connectivity, including our pre configured dedicated cloud servers, which are connected directly to our global backbone.

  • Up to 50% off on all credits purchased
  • Seamless integration for your application.
  • Set you digital name sale price
  • We remain hidden from the process
  • Completly manage your customer accounts
  • Be up and running with digtial names in under 30 minutes

Let us know how we can help you to integrate Digital Names into your application or service.

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Adding blockchains into the Digital Names system ensures that our members will have access to use the most active blockchain with their Digital Names.

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