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Adding blockchains into the Digital Names system ensures that our members will have access to use the most active blockchain with their Digital Names.
Please review the requirements below. If your blockchain meets the requirements, you may submit your request.
Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply to your request.

Anyone may submit an application for blockchain review.

Blockchain Listing Requirements

Step 1

Blockchain Type
The blockchain must use a public key for accounts. Our Digital Names service will only work with blockchains that use a public key.

Step 2

Active Wallet Listing
The blockchain must have an active listing on a wallet or exchange. A test transaction will be required to ensure its operational ability.

Step 3

Provide Blockchain Website
Provide the website url that is being used to represent the blockchain. The website must contain a support method for its users, such as a contact us form, a support ticket system or support email.

Step 4

Active Digital Names Membership
Applicant must have a TNS Sale account and the Digital Names Service active. Select your membership in the "Related Service" in this application.

Step 5

Default Digital Names
Applicant must provide a dedicated Digital Name to be used to represent the blockchain. The Digital Name must be active.

Please explain in this application description, how the blockchain operates. Which blockchain technology it uses, the number of total issued, please list any accomplishments and applications using the blockchain
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